Bathtub Replacement

  • Porcelain Steel, Acrylic, Soaker Tubs
  • Stylish Updates Customized To Your Taste
  • One Day Installation

Bathtub Replacement

Nothing elevates your bathroom aesthetic like a new, beautiful bathtub. Effortless Tranformations in 1 Day
Replacing your old or damaged bathtub with a sparkling new bathtub and wall surround is not as overwhelming as you think. In one day we remove the old bathtub, install the new one and then put our stunning acrylic walls right over your existing tiles.
Voila! A gorgeous new bathroom in 1 day.

Plus.. your days of scrubbing tile, grout, ceramic, and fiberglass will be history. All of our wall surrounds are manufactured in North America from 100% nonporous acrylic and infused with antimicrobial protection creating a material that will never mildew, stain, chip, peel, or crack.

Customize Your New Bathtub

In addition to selecting from our natural stone patterns, textures, and simulated tile shower wall options, bathtubs can be further customized to your needs & preferences with options such as:

  • corner shelving
  • soap dishes
  • bathtub doors
  • safety grab bars
  • curved shower rods
  • new bathtub faucets

Regular Height Bathtubs

For many reasons such as ease of bathing children to difficulty getting in and out of a high soaker tub, a new 16″ high bathtub provides the combination of beauty and functionality you need.

16″ Porcelain covered steel bathtub

17″ acrylic bathtub that flares to 34″ wide

Acrylic Soaker Bathtubs

Relax in luxury in a new 20” high soaker bathtub with armrests and headrests. A new acrylic bathtub is not only beautiful but compared to your old steel tub it is

Bathtub walls

The flanges on the edges of all bathtubs are tucked under wall tiles. In order to remove an old tub and install the new one, a few layers of tiles above the bathtub must be removed. If you were already planning to change your out of date or unsightly tiled walls, we simply ‘patch’ the wall area that we exposed and install beautiful new acrylic walls over your existing tiles. Visit our wall page to see your selection options.

If for some reason you want to keep your existing tile walls, our expert technician can provide some options for you.