Shower Renovation


Easy & Affordable Shower Renovations

Effortless Transformations in 2 Days

Nothing elevates your bathroom aesthetic like
a new, beautiful shower stall.

Your elegant new BathMaster shower will be

Plus.. your days of scrubbing tile, grout, ceramic, and fibreglass will be history. All of our shower bases, floors and wall surrounds are manufactured in North America from 100% nonporous acrylic and infused with antimicrobial protection creating a material that will never mildew, stain, chip, peel, or crack.

Shower space remodels

Whether converting your bathtub into a shower or remodeling your existing shower the results wonderfully refreshing and beautiful. Add grab bars, shower seats and more to make your shower a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Shower Stalls

The confined space of shower stalls is a breeding ground for mold. Covering the walls and floors with mold resistant acrylic panels will make the stall look brand new in 1 day. Add accessories like a seat, grab bars and shelving to customize to your preference.



Shower Floors

Tiled shower floors experience a lot of wear and tear. When they get unsightly, BathMaster can install a sheet of durable and impact-resistant acrylic right over top of your existing tiled shower floor.

Facts about Shower Floors

Customize your Shower

In addition to selecting from our natural stone patterns, textures, and simulated tile shower wall options, showers can be further customized to your needs & preferences with options such as:

  • seating
  • anti-slip flooring
  • foot/shaving pedestals
  • shower doors
  • window framing
  • accent trim
  • corner shelving
  • safety grab bars
  • soap dishes
  • new shower faucets
  • wheel chair ramps
  • hand held shower heads

Why BathMaster

Besides being less expensive, installed faster and far less messy than re-tiling, BathMaster provides:

  • Superior Product

    We use only the best quality 100% North American-made acrylic that is thicker than typical ‘big box store’ walls, providing exceptional durability.

  • Extremely Durable

    Never Crack, chip, peel, stain or fade

  • 2 Day Installation

    Installed by a highly trained installer with 20 years experience, your ‘down’ time is kept to a minimum.

  • Perfect Fit

    Custom cut to ensure a water-tight installation. BathMaster installation methods and materials provide for natural bathroom thermal expansion eliminating gaps in and around corners. They will never pull away or crack in corners.

  • 100% Guaranteed

    For as Long as You Own Your Home

  • Eliminates Grout Mold

    Our acrylic products are infused with antimicrobial silver ions that prevent bacteria from growing. Walls provide the detail of a tile without the typical maintenance required for crumbling, stained or mildew covered grout lines.

  • Very Easy Maintenance

    Cleans with minimal effort.