Tub To Shower Conversion


Convert your bathtub into a walk in shower… in less than 2 days

Shower in Safety and Comfort

Enter and exit your shower without the worry of a large step getting in the way. Effortlessly convert your tub into a more open, easily accessed and safer walk in shower space with no major demolition mess!


Tub to Shower Conversion options

  1. Low threshold shower base
    A BathMaster low threshold slip resistant shower base requires minimal clearance from the floor, allowing easy access and a sleek appearance. A 3 1/2″ clearance is recommended if you are having shower doors installed. A little higher 6 ½” clearance helps where shower curtains will contain the water.
  2. A NO threshold shower base
    Sometimes called a barrier free base, a no threshold shower provides unrestricted access which is ideal for those with limited mobility. Many customers install a wheelchair ramp to further ease access.

Customize your new Walk In Shower

Beyond the selection from our stunning solid colours, natural stone-like patterns, textures, and simulated tile shower wall options, showers can be further customized to your needs & preferences with options such as:

  • seating
  • anti-slip flooring
  • foot/shaving padestals
  • shower doors
  • window framing
  • accent trim
  • corner shelving
  • safety grab bar
  • soap dishes
  • wheel chair ramps
  • hand held shower head

Visit our photo gallery to see some finished examples

Why BathMaster

In addition to being less expensive, installed faster and far less messy than re-tiling, BathMaster provides:

  • Superior Product

    We use only the best quality 100% North American-made acrylic that is thicker than other typical ‘big box store’ walls, providing exceptional durability.

  • Extremely Durable

    Never Crack, chip, peel, stain or fade

  • 2 Day Installation

    Installed by a highly trained installer with 20 years experience, your ‘down’ time is kept to a minimum.

  • Perfect Fit

    Custom cut to ensure a water-tight installation. BathMaster installation methods and materials provide for natural bathroom thermal expansion eliminating gaps in and around corners. They will never pull away or crack in corners.

  • 100% Guaranteed

    For as Long as You Own Your Home

  • Eliminates Grout Mold

    Our acrylic products are infused with antimicrobial silver ions that prevent bacteria from growing. Walls provide the detail of a tile without the typical maintenance required for crumbling, stained or mildew covered grout lines.

  • Very Easy Maintenance

    Cleans with minimal effort.